Sunday, February 20, 2011

Emotional Flood

Today I would like to talk about a process called Emotional Flood. Emotional flood is an amazing process to flood yourself with all the great emotions you would like to feel on an ongoing basis. Why is an Emotional Flood a great way to start your day? Because it helps you access those feeling that are ALREADY inside of you!!!!!!! Most of the time we're waiting for something to happen in our Lives that would make us feel happy or any other great emotion. However we're not aware that these feelings are inside of us and can be accessed on a daily basis. And trust me, it's easier to build on success and it's hard to build on failure and as you'll go through the process you will begin to feel that you're already a SUCCCESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

1. The first thing you need to do is STAND TALL, put a BIG SMILE on your
face and close your eyes

2. Think about all the things that made you proud in the past. It could be anything accomplishment in the past that has made you proud.

3. Now think about all the things that made you laugh. Any movie you watched that really cracked you up.

4. Then think about when you felt really grateful about something.

5. Think about a time when you felt close to God.

6. Think about a time when you felt romantic with your partner.

Once you've visualized all these situation you can repeat the same process again and again only quicker..... This process will not only help you feel those emotions that are inside of you but you'll begin to love your life and treat others better...SO Have a good time flooding yourself emotionally and live your life passionately!!!!